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Creating the right funeral ceremony for you.

If you are reading this, you may be in one of the most difficult and confusing points in your life - saying goodbye to someone special to you.

Our world gets so shaken up when we are bereaved. Making even the simplest decisions can be incredibly challenging, let alone putting together a funeral service. We can feel a lot of pressure to do “right” by the person who has died, and unless the person has left express wishes of what they would like for their funeral, putting something together that truly represents them can feel daunting.

As a Celebrant, I am here to help you.


I care about working with you, and supporting you to help create a fitting ceremony.

I put together every detail of a service directly from the stories you share with me about the person who has died, their wishes, and what you need in order to say goodbye.

Grief is a life changing thing.

Though a ceremony cannot take grief away, it does provide a space for you to remember, celebrate, mourn and be supported by others.

For that reason I believe that fitting ceremonies are vital to the healing process.

If you are looking for a ceremony that does ‘right’ by the person who has died - and a kind, gentle and creative guide to help you through the experience, please get in touch.

With all my best wishes - wherever you are on this journey,


The Modern Celebrant

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